Medical Massage (MVA)

Zero out of pocket cost to you!

Motor Vehicle Insurance

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, often enough your Physician, Chiropracter, Physical Therapist, and sometimes a Acupuncturist will and can prescribe massage to incorporate into your holistic treatment on your journey back to optimal health. 

What is needed

To offer you massage at no out of pocket cost to you:

  •  Prescription from one of the above
  •  Date of injury
  •  Claim number
  •  Basic billing and insurance information.  

Why Massage

Massage is a very affective treatment for motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) related injuries. Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system massage can affectively reduce symptoms of trauma and possibly reverse the damaging affects of trauma on the nervous system.  With Orthopedic techniques incorporating modalities such as myofacial release, neurostructural integration technique, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and deep tissue, massage can address adhesions, manage swelling, and create an over all sense of wellbeing.  During the post acute stages of the injury, massage can increase the range of motion (ROM) of the affected joints in the body alleviating pain, reduce swelling, increase mobility, and create an overall sense of ease and wellbeing. 

Health Insurance

Most health insurance plans that cover massage are also accepted.  Use the contact page to provide insurance information to find out if you qualify for benefits, and requirements if any to receive insurance covered massage.    

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage can have many benefits that help improve your health and well being. It can reduce stress and anxiety, relieve soft tissue injury or damage, alleviate back pain, improve range of motion, reduce scar tissue, increase circulation, lessen adhesion and swelling, approve overall sense of wellbeing, and much more.

Discounted cash and credit card rates bellow.   


Special Package Deal:

5 60-minute Massages: $340


30-minute Massage: $50
60-minute Massage: $75
90-minute Massage: $110